Summer is a busy season for many families as the parties are plentiful, vacations are commonplace and reunions and picnics are probable. With all the activities, it’s unlikely that much time will be devoted to housework tasks and chores. Fear not, even with a packed summer agenda, there’s still time for staying organized and clean. Here are four tips to use this summer from our green cleaning professionals at Aloha All Natural Cleaning Services:


1.) Skip Table Time

Kids enjoy eating ‘picnic style’ on beach towels or blankets in the summer and this can be a great way to save time and preserve the kitchen from becoming a crumb fest.  Try setting out blankets and towels over tabletops and relish in the lack of need for sweeping or vacuuming.


2.) Assign Summer Chores

Kids love being tasked with something important and assigning them ‘special’ summer chores will pique their interest and keep them focused on cleaning. Give the kiddos chores related to the pets, preparing summer dishes like fruit bowls or preparing the beach or pool bag.


3.) Pass on Glass

During the summer months, life gets hectic and there’s less time for doing dishes or tending to the kitchen. Using non-Styrofoam paper plates is a great option for all those kiddie snacks, BBQs and mid-day munchies. Find a budget-friendly pack of 100 paper plates for just a few dollars at many grocery stores. Once the food is finished, be sure to drop the plates in the recycle bin.


4.) Air Dry

Setting up a drying line in the backyard is a great way to keep bathroom floors from becoming a slip and slide. If the kids have spent the day flirting with the sprinklers, Richardson Ocean Park on Hilo or have conquered and returned home from any local pool, then a bunch of wet swimsuits hung outdoors can alleviate the need for drying inside the laundry room or bathroom.


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