We’ve all heard our fair share of cleaning myths over the years.  Whether it’s tips from your best friend who swears by her special DIY shower cleaner, or the woman down the street who insists that you can’t clean a bathroom without using Bleach.  Make sure you always do your research, and find the cleaning method that fits best with your lifestyle.  


Here are 5 busted cleaning myths that you should delete from your cleaning repertoire.  


Myth #1: __________________ is the only cleaning product that you will ever need.

Usually it’s bleach, vinegar, or baking soda, but at some point or another someone has likely told you that something was the be-all end-all of cleaning.  Put simply, this isn’t true.  There is no such thing as one product that can safely clean everything.  


Myth #2: One product is good; so two products must be better.

Mixing cleaning products is a dangerous game.  Never mix acidic products with alkali products, even if the two products are naturally occurring.   Really and truly, the best policy is really just never to mix products together at all.  Better safe than sorry.


Myth #3: It smells good, so it must be clean.

We often associate a fresh scent with cleanliness, but the lovely smell could just be covering up an underlying odor-causing problem.  Not to mention the fact that there are often chemicals lurking in the ingredient list of cleaning agents with lovely scents.  Focus on dirt removal and sanitation instead of following your nose.  


Myth #4: Cleaning products that say “all-natural” or “non-toxic” are actually “all-natural” or “non-toxic.”

The little-known fact about cleaning product labels is that they aren’t formally regulated.  This means that a product label could have a picture of a babbling brook and field of wild flowers, and the word “natural” strewn across the top, and still contain harmful chemicals.  When it comes to cleaning product ingredients, you have to do your own research.

Myth #5: When it comes to cleaning products, more is better.

Believe it or not, using too much soap can actually counteract your cleaning efforts by causing buildup that actually attracts dirt.  Always follow instructions and use only the recommended amount of cleaning product or detergent.  


When it comes to home cleaning, there are always going to be myths that float around.  The best way to ensure that your home is cleaned using tried and true methods is to hire a Papaikou house cleaning service.  


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