While pets can bring a lot of joy, fun and companionship into our lives, they can also bring a lot of hair. While certain fabrics are a recipe for stuck-on hair, other textures and types of clothing don’t attract those stray hairs as badly. Rough textured clothing like wool, coarse cotton, acrylic and mohair will be a breeding ground for pet hair while silk, satin, leather and denim seems to be resistant to being covered in pet tress mess. Here are some other quick tips to tackling pet hair on furniture and clothing:


#1. Tape Save

The job interview could be ruined when your potential employer sees slacks covered in hair—fear not, there’s a simple and quick solution to dealing with that animal shedding situation.  Simply use some sticky tape or a lint roller to remove any pet hairs.


#2. Rubber Gloves

A classic trick for lifting pet hair off furnishings, rubber gloves will attract a pickup all those loose locks.


#3. Fabric Softener

Not just for the laundry, a fabric softener sheet run over a pet’s coat can grab loose hairs before they adorn the furniture or accessorize a new outfit.


#4. A Squeegee

Oddly enough, a window squeegee run across the carpet will help lift hairs free.


#5. Brush Already

Grooming little Fido will help reduce the likelihood of shedding and dealing with a hairy situation.

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