5 Things Tidy Homeowners Do Daily in Hilo

Rather than make an exhaustive list of cleaning tasks for the weekend and save all the work for days that could be spent soaking up sun, shopping or savoring family and friend outings, there are plenty of quickie remedies to keeping the house clean and presentable without all the labor.


Here are five things that spotless homeowners do daily to keep their dwellings sparkling:


1.) They Always Make the Bed

A messy room is hardly noticeable in the presence of a freshly made bed. While it only takes a few quick minutes, a well-groomed bed serves to set the tone for a clean and tidy home.


2.) They Leave the Bathroom Neat

Keeping disinfect wipes near the bathroom sink is a quick way to take care of hair product spills, toothpaste splashes and lotion dribble. Another easy breezy bathroom cleaning strategy? Always squeegee the shower after each use and the washroom will be good to go.


3.) They Get the Dishes Done

Tackling the dishes after the evening dinner may seem tiresome but it prevents a massive dish pileup that can make the kitchen difficult to keep clean. Wiping down the countertops at the end of the night will also keep the cleaning rhythm humming. Need help keeping the cleaning momentum going in your home? Looking to have help cleaning a vacation rental? Want assistance getting your home cleaning for a move to the mainland? We’re here to help! Contact Aloha All Natural Cleaning and BOOK a cleaning service today.


4.) They Just Say No to Shoes

Dirty shoes carry grime and gunk from the outdoors and can track dirt and sand to create problems in maintaining clean floors and furniture especially in Hilo, Hawaii with all the opportunities for outdoor fun. Make guests and family members leave their sandals, flip-flops and other footwear at the door.


5.) They Play Floor Police

Play floor police and keep track of clothing that needs to put away or laundered. Every night, simply re-hang clothes that don’t need to be cleaned but were worn and put the rest of the clothing items in a nearby hamper.

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